Brix Updated


As one of Napa Valley's top restaurants, Brix holds the bar high for California cusine with European roots. However, along with flavor, visual presentation is debatably equally important and especially for Napa Valley's finest, Brix.  With that said, and after some reorganization Brix hired Shaun Dunn Design to revamp their site and put additional flair and functionality within it.

 With their site being built on a customized Wordpress template, it held somewhat of constraints on the code being implemented, thus, having knowledge in a variety of languages and packages, including Wordpress, Shaun Dunn Design was really able to achieve any and all changes that they wanted, which included managing pages, custom built forms, rebuilding main menu

navigation, and more. With having an up-to-date and sound palette of information as well as, design packages, really, the sky is the limit with what could be done for their needs. Nevertheless they're always happy with the work contracted which of course is the most important thing.