Webtye Identity


As a young company with big results, webtye, a design firm out of New Jersey, offers professional experience and expertise for their clients and will revamp their client's image, products and visibility as a company.  Working with Shahzad Sattar and Saad Ibrahim, webtye's co-CEOs, was an enriching experience and one that really

helped develop their brand as a company.  Being able to derive the proper information and imagery was crucial and really came to the final state of being, due to our strong communication.  Initially there were over a dozen brand concepts that were presented to webtye with wide range of ideas. Through the process of refinement

in idea, form, and color studies, we were able to go through and focus on what linked or tied (tyed) webtye to who they were. Finally, a prestigious brand was born to back the strong company that they are.