Playing Loud


There is something to say about the beauty and elegance that black and white brings. It's the ultimate yin and yang of the world of value. It's contrast is like no other, separating positive from negative. It's a perfect balance and Peter Ford with Peter Ford Entertainment knew just that. As a number one "must have," Peter made it clear that whatever his new brand was to be he would not settle for anything less than perfect and it must be

that blend of black to white. Peter, holding the bar high as perfectionist, wanted his brand to flow and rhyme as beautiful, elegant and professional as his beats. He required nothing but the best. Simplicity was important to him and yet there was a side that needed to shine towards his technical side in DJing'. It was important to relay what he did as a brand. As always Shaun Dunn Design was to the rescue and there was no limit 

to the expectations that needed to be met. Working together with Peter Ford Entertainment was nothing short of spectacular. Peter proved to be a professional at every level and it was clear he would collaborate till his brand was just right. The final result was due to a harmonious effort and turned out to be exactly what he was looking for and it was the perfect bridge to desiging and developing Peter Ford