PF Entertainment - live


If you haven't seen Peter Ford with Peter Ford Entertainment yet in Portland Oregon, you will, because as a DJ with unbelievable skill and craft he puts the art in the profession. After developing his brand or identity we were on the the quest to make his website just as smashing as the brand he stood behind. Designing Peter's site was no easy task as the bar was high in trying to match his astonishing brand. Each page was designed in Adobe Illustrator and quickly blocked out to establish the overall forms and layout we needed. Each was created individually and yet the importance of keeping true to theme held precedence. As one of the most important and underlining elements was pointed out during

the branding phase, Peter, stood strong in having the whole site be in black and white, with no exceptions. Keeping the site black and white or valued held its own distinctive challenges but was nonetheless kept at the highest level within the designing phase of the site. Each page was given its own unique character and art designed specifically to push the theme and literal meaning of the page. After achieving the perfect look and design we needed, it was time to put it into action and make the static pages into a dynamic masterpiece online. From there went the developing phase. Adding transitioning animations was yet another way to push his site to another level. As important 

as it was to make his site dynamic and breathtaking, it was equally important to make it compatible viewable among today's most used devices, therefore each animation was created using javascript and techniques of traditional animations compatible with the web like GIFs. If all this isn't enough, to top it off, has it's very own CMS or Content Management System. The CMS allows Peter to easily login and with no code and very little thought he can create, update or even delete written text and photos with a few buttons pushed. If you haven't already see his site because you don't want to miss it.